Welcome to the Dancing Dog

 Thursday 23rd April

Earth Day Unplugged Friday 24th

Ben Steele’s Birthday Bash

Dixon Cider / Ferocious Chode / F@ck ups

ANZAC DAY Saturday 25th 8pm

Los Pauncheros poster

Sunday 2pm

Featuring Gemma Ann White



Every  Monday




Every Wednesday Open Mic $2 tacos Open Mic

Thursday 23rd April


Situated 5km from Melbourne’s CBD (6.6km to be exact) in the Jewel of the West, Footscray. We are surrounded by one of the most diverse communities in the world with strong Asian and African influences. We are an inclusive venue, we love Footscray and we love people. Our regulars have seen us morph from a chilled Café with Yoga, Belly Dance, African Drumming and Salsa with an Art Gallery,  to housing an independent live Theatre, now a chillaxed café and bar with live music, comedy, poetry and open mic.

We do coffee and drinks, day and night, and our own style of snacks.

7 days 360 days a year (come one even the big man had a break!)

Do we suit you?  Well if you have a pulse we suit you. If you have a heart, you suit us!

Come check us out and feel the love! It’s on the t-shirt and the heart is on our sleeve.

In Dog we trust!



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