Welcome to the Dancing Dog

Situated 5km from Melbourne’s CBD (6.6km to be exact) in the Jewel of the West, Footscray. We are surrounded by one of the most diverse communities in the world with strong Asian and African influences. We are an inclusive venue, we love Footscray and we love people. Our regulars have seen us morph from a chilled Café with Yoga, Belly Dance, African Drumming and Salsa with an Art Gallery,  to housing an independent live Theatre, now a chillaxed café and bar with live music, comedy, poetry and open mic.

We do coffee and drinks, day and night, and our own style of snacks.

7 days 360 days a year (come one even the big man had a break!)

Do we suit you?  Well if you have a pulse we suit you. If you have a heart, you suit us!

Come check us out and feel the love! It’s on the t-shirt and the heart is on our sleeve.

In Dog we trust!




On a side note, here are some things our owners think are awesome and that you might want to check out.

Our fantastic (and humble) web-genius is starting a online business shipping out of Melbourne and here is a couple of items on his website.

Keyring Solutions

This amazing Swiss Army style key holder is designed to consolidate your keys into a neat package such that the teeth of the keys nest together. This neat design will prevent you wearing a hole in your pocket or bag. Easily condenses from 2-100 keys into a small package. Large car keys and fobs can be attached to the end. No need to buy special key ‘blanks’ and less fumbling in the dark trying to find the right key. Get organised with KeySmart.

Using the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 technology in a tiny package, this key-ring attachment lets you use your smartphone to locate and ‘ring’ your keys when within range. It can also alert you if you leave them behind. Your phone ‘remembers’ where it last ‘saw’ your keys to help you return to their location. Lost your phone and it’s on silent? No worries, shake your Chipolo to make your phone ‘Ring’. With a replaceable battery and several colours to choose from, nothing is lost with Chipolo.